Is It Right 3?

Critical Race Theory

This is not a professional opinion of where the idea of Critical Race Theory came from as to who got the idea first. But this is where the idea of CRT came from. 

CRT came from Satan. He had to whisper it into the ear of someone who had rejected the WORD OF GOD and rejected JESUS CHRIST as SAVIOR so that this person would  receive the LIE.

It may have started with a slave before slavery was banned in this country. But without a doubt it was birthed in the mind of someone who did not believe what God's WORD says in Genesis 1:26-27. God said "Let us make man in our image." God did NOT say let us make some men in our image, HE said let us make all mankind in the IMAGE of the True and Living God. If you know this then you know that NO one race is better than another, because God made us all equal in His sight. We don't live equally, we don't have equal education, we don't all have the same gifts/talents, BUT GOD DID MAKE US ALL EQUAL IN VALUE AS HUMAN BEINGS IN HIS SIGHT. 

There is NOTHING on earth that overrates the VALUE of A HUMAN LIFE. We are all precious to God, all races, all skin colors, all sizes, all women all children, are equal in value to God and SHOULD BE to each other.

Critical Race Theory was birthed in the minds of those who MADE THE CHOICE to push GOD away. And to accept the lies of this world system that is run by Satan. Ephesians 2:2 The Bible calls Satan the prince of the power of the air. The actual air we live in everyday. Most people on this planet laugh at that Truth and it enables Satan to work as He wants in their lives unless they decide to listen to the TRUTH.

Critical Race Theory is a LIE. It has been created and pushed by people who are ignorant of God's WORD and who are willing to twist the TRUTH to their own advantage, usually MONEY and POWER is the reason.

Satan's reason for this lie is to KEEP THE RACES SEPARATED. HATING EACH OTHER, STEALING FROM EACH OTHER, LYING TO EACH OTHER. Children who have not been taught about a loving God will buy into this lie. So will many adults who love money over God, family, relationships, etc.

It is NOT the white man's fault, when people don't prosper or have advantages. It is the fault of EVERY INDIVIDUAL PERSON who will not receive GOD'S WORD for themselves and who push THE WORD AWAY.

The Bible tells us that everyone has been shown through nature by GOD HIMSELF that there is A GOD. ALL mankind knows that we did not make the sun, the moon, the air, the iron in the ground,(although we mine it from the ground) we did not put the iron there, GOD did. We cannot keep our hearts beating or our blood flowing as we sleep or as we wake, God does it. Even the machines that keep the heart of someone beating who has heart failure, were made out of the materials that God put on the earth.

When you reject God, you open yourself up to lies, confusion as to whether you're male or female, thinking it's ok to step on other people to get ahead in life and anything and everything that is wrong and will and has shortened the lives of many people. I pray this helps someone. Thank you