Is It Right 3?

PROTECT you children

I was reading an article on the Christian Broadcasting Network. A 15 year old girl in Dallas Texas was at a Dallas Mavericks game with her father at the American Airlines Center in Dallas. The girl went to the bathroom at half time. After she went to the bathroom she disappeared and it was 10 days before her father saw her again. She was kidnapped somewhere around or in the bathroom. 

When her father contacted the Dallas police, they would not help him, the excuse was because he and his daughter did not live in that city. 

The police department in his own city didn't help either. A group that has experience with releasing children from sex traffickers had to help this man and his wife find their daughter.

The man and his wife are suing the police departments. Thank God his daughter was found, but not before she was sexually abused by a demon possessed lunatic and others many times in the hotel where she was found.

This is an example of how dangerous this world that God made has become by people walking away from God.

Watch your children, pay attention to their friends and acquaintances. Babies, small children , preteens, teenagers, look after your children the very best you can. I know many parents are parenting alone, but do the best you can by our most precious resources, our children. They are worth everything we go through to help them from childhood to adulthood.

Pray for your children every single day. Pray over everywhere they go including your own house and their bedrooms, their friends, their ballgames, the cars/vehicles they ride in everything and everywhere they go needs prayer. Prayer makes a huge difference in our well being. God can come on the scene when invited by prayer and stop bad situations from happening to us as well as our children. 

They are precious and they are worth it to God most of all and to us as well. I pray this helps someone